Diable Chaton is not just a group of dancers. They’re not just a group who will follow the trend. They are a collection of genuine beauty and strong talent who want to lead a path of their own.

Diable Chaton was founded in El Paso, Texas in 2008 by the company’s manager, Lola Rose. In its development, a small group of skilled women impacted what the group was to become. With just five dancers to start, an uprising of dedication to the craft transpired. It was soon realized that the desire to entertain through dance and performance was something that they wanted to spread and have enjoyed by many others. More gigs were acquired thus more dancers were needed. Fast forwarding to the present time, they have been established as a company who prides themselves on hard work and thriving for excellence. Professionalism is essential in the group’s work and they always aim for punctuality and devotion to the high time of each and every night. The dancers possess the passion and talent to entertain and captivate crowds. The performers have experience in many dance backgrounds creating diversity in the Diable Chaton association. To furthermore increase the diversity, Diable Chaton also became the first company in El Paso to add the very enticing talents of their very own male dancers.  In addition to performing, the company also provides beautiful models for service purposes such as but not limited to promotional events, flyers or even photography art/projects. As each individual in the company remains extraordinarily unique in their own right, all together they create Diable Chaton. And Diable Chaton will always surrender to the dirty sexy beats!


 Diable Chaton is the company to hire for many reasons.  Yes, there will always be independent dancers to hire or different groups to go through for go-go’s but Diable Chaton possesses reliability and commitment. While independent dancers might not be available for every night you need them and other groups may not have enough available dancers to supply, Diable Chaton will make sure to get you the entertainment you demand. Another advantage point is that Diable Chaton continues to improve on dance skills and attire. Specific attire/costumes and themes can also always be requested by any venue!


Even though Diable Chaton is in full support of the Go-Go groups in every community, they do aim to set themselves apart from all the others! It is a gorgeous form of art that is understood and truly possessed by only some individuals. And with those apart of Diable Chaton, they will always aim to evolve!